The year is 2016. The multiple crises of climate change, illness, obesity and spiralling consumer debt have forced the UN to enact resolution 468/60 and create a President of the World to find a solution. Academics have blamed the world’s problems on over consumption driven by advertising.

The solution is clear, advertising must be controlled more tightly; the remit of the President. The implications for brands, media owners, retailers and consumers will be far reaching. How will they react as over a period of 10 years media channels are outlawed one by one?


It’s never been easier for brands to talk to the consumer. But there is trouble ahead as a new President of the World is elected to curb the impact of advertising.


All inventory based advertising has been banned globally – including all TV , print, radio, outdoor and digital. Brands, media owners, retailers and consumers all have to adapt to the new reality.


A total ban on all paid advertising has been instituted globally. Sponsorship, in-store, branded content and packaging has been restricted to information and utility only.


The President of the World enacts the Rotterdam Protocol, ending branding globally. Price parity has been instituted and packaging will become uniform. The era of AfterAd Extremis begins.

Why we made AfterAd

How do you future proof your business? We created AfterAd to help our clients uncover and develop the strategies they will need to succeed in the future, before they need them. AfterAd is not our view of the future, it is a fictional dystopian world designed to be deliberately extreme and force you to overcome the issues that are on the horizon. The challenges it tackles include ad blocking; consumer apathy; advertising saturation; data darkness; economic, health and ecological worries blamed on over consumption. All of these will shape the future of advertising and our clients' bottom line, so we created AfterAd to help our clients find solutions to them before they become problems.

AfterAd Film Credits

Production Copmany Contented Brothers
Director Birdie Hall
Executive Producer Christopher Smith
Producer Anneka Haskens
Director of Photography Jordan Cushing
Production Manager Hannah Lane

AfterAd Project Credits

Executive Producer Greg Brooks
Creative Directors Dominic Stoppani Leonie Knowles
Writer Greg Brooks
Creative & Sound Production Chris Light
Graphic Designer Jessica Daughters
Website Production Dark Blue Creative